Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!

Yeah, this was Maddie tonight before her dinner! She was gettin' a little crazy! Like always!

Drew....Well what can I say. It was warm outside and for some reason he put on Maddie's winter scarf and hat! What can you do? Drew is Drew! But he's so cute~

All three munchkins earlier tonight! They crack me up!

Gavin and daddy before bedtime...

Maddie's Kindergarter Graduation Picture! We got it yesterday. Couldn't wait to share it!

Gavin actually feeding himself spaghettti last night at dinner. He did a great job!

Gavin is being a little mischievious! Climbing up on the kitchen table and trying to play with my laptop! Bad boy! And he knows it! Caught ya!
Oh, and all of these pictures are from my NEW CANON CAMERA that I love so much! I am so thankful that I got it! I must have been a good mommy this past year, to get such a wonderful Mother's Day Gift! And early for that matter!
The kids are all doing good! Maddie has two loose teeth! She is really excited about it! So am I! Gavin chipped his front tooth this morning, when he fell down face first, on our tile floor in the kitchen! I didn't even know it was chipped til later in the day. I couldn't believe it!
Anyway, that's about as exciting as it gets here for now! Take care everyone!

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