Friday, January 15, 2010

Mid January - already?

Where has the time gone? Seriously! Is it really Mid-January of 2010? I guess I can say it's crazy, but I am looking for time to fly by for a few months anyways! All of these new babies being born back home in Ohio & Michigan is so exciting! Kellie is due in less than 2 weeks! Sam and Melissa in March! My beautiful sister in law is due in June with her 1st baby~ (Still can't believe my baby bro is going to be a DAD - I'm still trying to get used to him being married!!) :) Anyways, we'll be traveling back to Ohio in March and June for the arrival of the babies! YAY! I can't wait!

The weather has been kinda crazy down here! Last winter was our first winter in Arkansas! It was nice! Pretty much no snow and just the one ice storm! Well this winter, we've already had snow and temps in the single digits! MAddie didn't even have school the entire week AFTER being off for 2 weeks for Christmas Vacation! That was nuts! But she was back in school all of this week and now she's off on Monday for MLK day! Anyways, now the temps are back around 50 where they are supposed to be, thank goodness! I thought I left all of the crazy cold weather back in Ohio and Michigan! Man!

I'm trying to get better at keeping up this blog, since all of our family is back in Ohio and Michigan! But I always end up on Facebook instead! (I'm a total Facebook addict! It's even more terrible since I'm a stay at home mama!)

I'll try to upload some pictures again soon, of the kiddos! They are growing like crazy! People think Gavin and Drew are twins! Gavin is getting so big...You'd almost never guess they were 2 years apart!

Until I blog again.....


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